Chocolate for Breakfast

A Sweet Awakening ~

My husband and I were having our usual breakfast of tea & chocolate one sunny Saturday morning on our couch.  As it usually does, the conversation turned to business…chocolate business of course.  A big part of who I am is CEO and founder of Lulu’s Chocolate and when you marry the girl, well, you get everything that comes with her.  On this fateful day he turned to me to say “You know honey, people fall in love with the chocolate, but they also fall in love with you and your story.  You are part of your brand.” My body tensed and all the thoughts and emotions running through me came out as a single, stiff “no.”  My husband, however, is a stubborn Taurus and wasn’t about to just let it go.  Like a detective on the case he laid out piece after piece of evidence for his argument.  Growing up in a not exactly ideal environment I had learned that invisibility equals safety.  My deeply ingrained patterns were triggered and I drowned out Michael’s words in my own sea of “no.”

That night, however, I couldn’t get to sleep.  He had struck a cord in me and I’ve learned over time that if something is very hard for me to hear, there is a good chance that taking a closer look is essential to my evolution.  “Am I fulfilled in my life?” I lay awake asking myself over and over, sending the question deeply into my very cells.  I’m married to the man of my dreams.  I’m my own boss and have created amazing jobs for a dozen incredible people.  I’ve produced a product line of infinite value to health conscious foodies everywhere.  My brand truly is bridging the gap between gourmet & healthy…I couldn’t be more proud of it.  I’m settling into my new home of Asheville, NC, which I think is just about the coolest place in the world.  My friends are inspiring people who I adore & learn from.  

Am I Fulfilled?

Tuning in I could not get a clear yes, but instead landed in a deeper longing that was tugging at my soul.  I wanted to make more of a difference.  I wanted to inspire people beyond the chocolate.  A recent personality test had chosen the career as motivational speaker for me.  I laughed it off but also noticed the curious excitement that stirred in my core.  I can’t deny that over the years I’ve heard over and over from my friends that I have a natural gift for making people feel good.  They say I inspire them and help them see themselves in a new light.  True fulfillment has come each time I’ve received these reflections.  Deep down I know I’m good at this…perhaps even great.  The AHA! moment…if I can do this for friends, why not strangers?

I love to see people light up and I love to write.  So there you have it, the birth of my blog.  I will be writing about life as an entrepreneur, a CEO, a woman, a wife, a friend, hopefully a mother…as a human living vulnerably awake in this life.  I will be sharing personal stories about my journey from world traveling fire dancer to yoga teacher to hippy chocolatier to here.  I’ll be sharing practical business advice as well as juicy love stories.  At times my blogs will have adult content, which I will warn of under the title.   Oh yes, sometimes we will talk about one of my favorite subjects, Lulu’s Chocolate.  Perhaps it is time I made a video on how to make chocolate at home.

As for me personally, this journey is also about teaching my inner child that it’s okay to shine.  It’s inevitable…crucial actually.  I’m not fooling myself that this path is always going to be easy, but I do know it’s right.  My whole being is saying YES.  I am a woman on fire and I hope to bring warmth into your heart.  You can learn more about my story here.  Please invite me to your inbox once a week by signing up on my mailing list.  I’m in gratitude for your joining of this journey and I’d love it if you decided to share this with a friend or two.  And please do leave me a comment, I promise I to read each and every one.

 With Love,

by Louise Bonner

Founder & CEO

Lulu's Chocolate & Lulu's Botanicals