Let's Talk Chocolate

Our Epic Rebrand & A Live Interview~

Hello lovely one, I trust that summer is treating you oh so right.  That the butterflies are tickling your toes while you frolic in gorgeous bodies of water with loved ones.  While I’m finding some time for such things, I have been quite on fire with my work recently.  It seems the mysteries of chocolate are never ending and I fall ever more deeply in love with it as the years go by.  Can you believe that I’ve been making chocolate for ten years now?!  That means it has also been my daily breakfast for that long.  What a delicious life!

Our EPIC Rebrand

This is the other thing I’ve been pouring my loving passion into and I couldn’t be happier with the results!  There is a satisfaction beyond words that comes from FINALLY feeling completely fulfilled with the look of what you are putting out into the world.  I’ve been pretty happy with my brand’s look, but there was always something missing.  Seems my golden ticket was our first ever female designer.  She nailed the sensuality, classiness and elegance of it beyond my wildest dreams.  My husband said it best…”Now the outside is as beautiful as what’s on the inside.”  I guess I never really thought of branding as something spiritual, but the way I feel when I look at my product now…as if I’m totally seen in my true essence…Wow.

My live interview

I recently did my first podcast interview with Adam Siddiq of A Soulfully Optimized Life.  We got deep into the story of my entrepreneurial path, my first cacao experience and why my love affair with this plant has continued and shall never end.   Our hour long interview was also recorded on Skype and put on YouTube.  I’m pretty new at video and didn’t know how much light one needs to appear in Hi-Res.  I apologize for the slight graininess…and it was pretty weird seeing my eyes as brown for the first time, lol!  Live and learn.  Anyway, it’s a great conversation and I hope you enjoy it.

Till next time, “Use Your Wings & French Kiss Life” ~ Danielle Laporte.  xo  

by Louise Bonner

Founder & CEO

Lulu's Chocolate & Lulu's Botanicals