More Reasons to Love Chocolate

3 DELICIOUS Chocolate Facts!

While I could go on for days about the zillion reasons I LOVE chocolate and think it’s the best food on the planet, here are just a few for now.  It’s my passion to prove that my favorite food can and should be enjoyed with Guilt Free Pleasure!

1. Chocolate For Weight Loss! 

Whaaaaat?!  YES!  Folks often ask me how I stay so thin.  What they are not prepared for is my answer: “I eat chocolate every day.”  Many weight loss products on the market today contain cacao due to it’s MAO inhibitors, which produce a feeling of fulfillment, telling your brain you are not hungry, thus suppressing your appetite.  For more about other aspects of chocolate that help reduce body weight, check out this article in Forbes.  In my opinion, chocolate makes a marvelous meal and I have it each day for breakfast as well as a mid afternoon snack.

2. Chocolate For Beauty!

Indeed, we chocoholics have better skin and hair.  Chocolate moisturizers your skin from the inside out, protects it from the sun AND helps erase wrinkles by reducing stress hormones.  PLUS all the anti-oxidant benefits to your skin.  It’s also full of the minerals you need for beautiful hair.  Huffington Post here will tell you all about it!

3. Chocolate for Heart Health!

You’ve likely heard the phrase “chocolate opens the heart” but it is literally true!  Cacao is nature’s primary source of magnesium, which is much needed by the heart as it decreases blood coagulation, lowers blood pressure and helps the heart pump more effectively.  Studies have shown that eating dark chocolate 5+ times per week can lower cardiovascular disease by up to 57%!  You can read more heart happy facts at Web MD.


Thanks for sharing your time with me!  Cheers to your Healthy, Beautiful, Chocolate Loving Self! XOXO

by Louise Bonner

Founder & CEO

Lulu's Chocolate & Lulu's Botanicals