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My Interview for Strong & Radiant ~

Happy Summer!  Speaking of Summer, an amazing woman named Summer Sanders, who owns Local Juicery in Sedona just posted an article about me on her awesome website Strong and Radiant, helping women thrive.  She’s a truly amazing inspiration and I do think you’ll love her and her site.

Life is full on right now with a stream of beloved guests visiting us here in Asheville, the big rebrand, B-School, finding time to be an attentive momma to my kitty and to uphold my vow of being a “sexy little wife” (wink*) to my husband.  Yes I’m busy, but it’s all really juicy stuff.  I’ll be in touch soon and I do hope you’ll check out this interview in the meantime.  Wishing you a season full of belly laughs, beauty, magic, heartgasms, waterfalls and sultry summer nights!  May you surprise yourself as you stretch your perceived limits to reach new heights while delighting in your own divine beauty!

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by Louise Bonner

Founder & CEO

Lulu's Chocolate & Lulu's Botanicals