What inspires you?

Inspiration is the juice that keeps me growing & glowing. Some days I wake up with it coursing through my veins and I want to spread my wings, fly to the nearest mountaintop and sing an opera about my love of everything! Other days I feel a little, well, slower. Thanks heavens I’m not alone in this and when I’m willing to look, there is inspiration to be found.

I’m grateful for the people who inspire me…

This woman is a self-proclaimed “pyromaniac of clarity, love-fueled ambition and results.” I love the heart and soul she puts into everything she does…a very special woman that I truly hope to meet one day. I’m amazed at my personal results from using The Desire Map, I subscribe to her Daily Truthbombs & Weekly Sermons. I love my Truthbomb deck and have pasted those cards all over my personal vision board…French Kiss Life. YES!

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This powerhouse is a self proclaimed “part business strategist, part marketing maven and part spiritual ass-kicker with a side of hip-hop swagger.” I look forward to her weekly Marie TV episodes, which you can subscribe to on her site. I’m super excited to dive into her annual online business program B-School that begins in March.

photo credit: Eric Michael Pearson Photography

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I had the great honor of hanging with India in my Sedona Chocolate Lounge as she is a fan of Lulu’s Chocolate. I was deeply moved by her vulnerability, truth and poignant sharing upon seeing her perform Songversation: I Am Light. She is a superstar with a message and is an inspiration to millions.

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Saida is in her own words “HELPING WOMEN WORLD-WIDE TO RECLAIM, ENLIVEN & IGNITE THEIR EROTIC GENIUS.” I’m lucky to call her a dear friend and can attest to the fact that she lives her truth. I highly recommend her book The Emergence of the Sensual Woman which led me to be a student of the Jade Egg practices she masterfully teaches.

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Levin is one of my dearest friends and the woman who has taught me the most about owning my own saucy sensuality…just by example! Her business Serpent Spirall is still a grassroots start up but I predict that within the next few years the world will know about her revolutionary make-up & skin care products. Her line is 100% organic and edible. I use her Vixen Stix on my eyes, lips & cheeks and simply could not imagine life without her Jasmine Silk Truffle Mousse. Her products are imbued with sensuality…pure magic.

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In her own words: “I am a painter, permission-giver, gentle guide and creative ally. I’m also bit of a rule breaker.” She’s also a long time friend of mine who never ceases to amaze me. I know a lot of artists and it seems the marriage of business and art is a pretty amazing feat. Aspiring painter? I highly recommend her e-course Bloom True. Why be a “starving artist” when you can be a thriving artist?! I love the way she is rocking it!

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